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Nurturing Your Faith: Life Together - Part Two: Holying Hope

By: Dr. Dale Meyer
Believers are called to be "holy." That's the simple truth of it. As the Holy Spirit renews us in God's Word, informing our attitudes and decisions, we are transformed to be more like Jesus. Ransomed from death, our renewed conduct reflects our thankfulness to God and the love we should have for others.

As Christians the way we live and act in this world should appear different to others. That difference is a "holiness"-a letting go of worldly passions and misdeeds and an increasing fidelity to Christ-centered living. It's not an easy road, but it's the one God calls us to walk-every day.

Our outward example should reflect this holiness, too. Our conduct marks us as Jesus-followers, and so it gives glory to God the Father. Our lives also communicate the supreme value of knowing Christ as our Lord and Savior. Out of reverence to God and obedience to His Word, we seek to live as Jesus did in this world: compassionately, sacrificially, in a word, holy.

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