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Nurturing Your Faith: Life Together - Part One: Gotta Love People and Problems!

By: Dr. Dale Meyer
God calls us to follow Him exclusively, to guard against the world around us, and to follow Christ's example of loving others. Sometimes this will not be easy, but God's Spirit will nurture our faith, equipping us to love others where they are, problems and all.

In 1 Peter we are reminded that as Christians we are born again to a living hope. This truth informs all we are and do in Jesus' Name. Central to what we do is love people-and their problems. In other words, we embrace those in need around us, resisting the urge to retreat from our neighborhoods and communities. Instead, we seek to follow Jesus' example of loving others and see where God leads us.

Just as Jesus asked Peter three times, "Do you love Me?" so the Savior asks us as well. As God's people, our life together with others should mirror Jesus' concern for them, His willingness to go the distance for them. For sure, loving difficult people and addressing tough problems is not the way the world loves, but it's Christ's way-and following in His way, full of faith and hope, we love God by loving our neighbors.

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