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Nurturing Your Faith: Forgiveness (Complete with all 4 sessions)

By: Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies
Nurturing Your Faith: Forgiveness is a four-part Bible study looks at forgiveness. It considers how our first sin required God's pardon in order to re-establish the broken God-man relationship caused by our original rebellion. Along the way, it looks at how God works through the forgiveness we seek and offer in our lives, and it reminds us that where there is love mercy can triumph.

Mankind's rebellion in the Garden of Eden caused a complete separation between humans and God. In His grace, however, God offered a total forgiveness that one day would be won by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now, as followers of Jesus, we are to practice forgiveness in our daily lives-both giving it and, when necessary, seeking it.

Living a forgiving life, however, is not easy. Though God's forgiveness to us is unconditional, ours is often withheld or given with great reservation. This study looks at practicing forgiveness, the conditions of forgiveness, the possibilities of forgiveness, and the seeking of forgiveness.

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