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Nurturing Your Faith: Forgiveness - Session 4: Seeking Forgiveness

By: Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies
The problem of asking for forgiveness closes our study. We'll look at how pride stifles our apologies, how God worked in one's man life to save his faith and family, and how our sins can cause widespread damage for which we need forgiveness.

While extending forgiveness may be difficult, it can be very hard to ask forgiveness as well. This requires admission of guilt which may lead to an uncomfortable analysis of the things we have done wrong. It also puts us at another's mercy, and that's a place none of us wants to be.

Seeking forgiveness, however, can be liberating-that is, when pride doesn't get in the way. Scripture encourages us to confess our sins, and those who do so find the upside is renewed love and stronger bonds. Still, saying, "I'm sorry" is probably one of life's greatest hurdles, but God can help us over it.

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