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Nurturing Your Faith: Forgiveness - Session 3: Possibilities of Forgiveness

By: Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies
Session three notes that while God's pardon is unconditional, ours is often loaded with stipulations or given sparingly. Forgiveness is considered in respect to the treachery of Joseph's brothers, the sins of the prodigal son, and those who mistreated Paul.

In life we are met with many opportunities to forgive others (as they are with us). Sometimes the wrong done to us may seem unforgiveable, but where our hearts are hard and unyielding, God can soften them and help us find a way to forgive.

Three biblical illustrations make up this session: Joseph and his jealous brothers selling him into slavery, Jesus' parable of the prodigal son, and the persecution Paul received from those who sought to harm him and destroy his ministry.

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