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Nurturing Your Faith: Forgiveness - Session 2: Conditions of Forgiveness

By: Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies
This second session looks at the tie between our sins and God's mercy. We'll consider the effect of David's sin on his life and faith, what Jesus says about forgiving others, and how God's forgiveness transformed the lives of Peter and Paul.

God's mercy to us is shown in His unconditional forgiveness. Though our wrongs are great and shameful, God offers the sinner His grace and mercy. King David understood this when he sought God with a repentant and contrite heart after his affair with Bathsheba and the murder of her husband Uriah.

When Peter asked Jesus how often we are to forgive, he received the classic "seventy-seven times" from the Savior. Our forgiveness is to follow Jesus' lead as both Peter and Paul knew from God's wonderful mercy: Peter for his threefold denial and Paul for his ruthless conduct toward Christians before his conversion.

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