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Nurturing Your Faith: Called - Part 4: Called to Share

By: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
This time in Nurturing Your Faith, Called to Share, we consider how our calling from God translates into lives of outreach to others-both by what we say and what we do. From ancient times to modern, God is on the lips of His people who share His love in word and deed, especially the promise of salvation in His Son Jesus. But sharing our faith doesn't take place only by speaking.

Sharing God's love takes place in many ways. Sometimes when words fail us, a loving action or a patient ear can make a vital connection. Verbalizing the Gospel might be a challenge, but loving another human being is something we can all do. Our lives are the witness we give to others. The apostle Paul knew that telling others about Jesus wouldn't be easy. He knew it was then that living for Jesus-in the humility, gentleness, and patience of the Savior-would speak volumes.

So too, as we go forth and share the Good News of Jesus, we remember it is God's Holy Spirit who calls the person to faith. We pray for opportunities to speak; we seek moments to share the hope we have-but it is God who grants new life to believers. Mindful of this, we can press on when we feel our efforts lacking or we sense we're out of touch with the person we're trying to reach. In any circumstance, we're at our best-and most spiritually engaging to others-when we seek to imitate Jesus who "loved us and gave Himself up for us."

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