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Nurturing Your Faith: Called - Part 3: Called to Others

By: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
In Nurturing Your Faith, session 3, we again look at God's call on our lives. This time the focus is our relationship with others. As God works inside us, conforming His people to the image of His Son, we understand our calling homeward to God is also a calling outward to others, engaging them through lives of service and words that point them to the Savior.

For many of us not raised in the church, our relationship with God today was born out of a relationship with someone else-a friend, family member, coworker, church member, or the like. That person took his or her calling seriously-seriously enough to share their faith and back it up with a life that modeled the Savior's. And through it all, God's Word was at work, softening hearts, drawing the lost to His Son, and giving faith to those who would believe.

Paul knew that the faith he received by revelation of Jesus Christ in Syria was not a thing to be kept to himself. How could it be? Its transformative and redemptive power was meant for both Jew and Gentile, but he knew too that speaking of Jesus to others had its risks. The Ephesians knew this as well. They saw firsthand how obstinate and contentious people could be toward the Gospel. They knew because they too were once "strangers and aliens" to God. But now, by His abundant grace, they had become "fellow citizens" and "heirs." And with this newfound identity, their mission now was to make the Savior known.

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