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Nurturing Your Faith: Called - Part 2: Called to Faith

By: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
God's call is a summons from our flesh—a divine invitation to trust Him in faith and forsake the world. Claimed and redeemed by the Father, we now live for Him—imitating His Son and serving others as we walk by the Spirit in love.

As we live our faith, we may find our lives at odds with the world. That's only natural. Before Christ's reign in our lives, we were at home in the flesh. Now we are transformed, "clothed with a righteousness from God through faith." Renewed by the Holy Spirit, we abide in love—praising God in our lives and proclaiming His marvelous salvation to the world around us.

Remaining steadfast in Christ, however, is the daily challenge we all face. The apostle Paul knew very well how life and circumstances can rise up against us, chipping away at our resolve and, sometimes, even crushing our faith altogether. This is where knowing God's Word is all important. Paul reminds us to walk by the Spirit, putting on God's whole armor to overcome evil and to "stand firm" in the faith.

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