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Nurturing Your Faith: Called - Part 1: Called by God

By: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
God calls us out of the world; then, as citizens of the world, we serve God and others as members of the body of Christ, imitating Him, sharing Him with others, and making Him known by our words and deeds.

Being called by God is a huge thing when you think about it. We are called ... by God? He actually extends His voice to us and is seeking us? Indeed, He does. God calls us to faith through His Word, strengthens us through Baptism, sanctifies us through His Holy Spirit-and for what? So that as His people, called from the world but still in it, we daily seek to live in imitation of Jesus, the One who became like us and, for our sins, died and rose again.

In the apostle Paul's letter to the believers at Ephesus, He speaks much about God's calling and our response to it. The apostle knew well how God's call can transform a life-from the inside out. God had called him from a life of disobedience and aggressive persecution of the church to become the church's leading spokesman for the faith. Today, God still calls the prodigal son and daughter. He still seeks those who are lost and without hope. Today, He invites each of us to partake of the newness of life He offers.

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