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Prayer - A Nurturing Your Faith Study

By: Don Everts
The Bible study Nurturing Your Faith: Prayer is a four-session series exploring the role of different types of prayer in the believer's life. Prayers of intercession, gratitude, confession, and praise are considered in various scriptural settings by highlighting a particular prayer's context, who offered it, and why. An opening video featuring Rev. Don Everts prefaces each session and gives context to what follows.

The primacy of prayer in the life of God's people is central in the Scriptures. From the first mention of prayer around the time of Adam and Eve's son Seth (Genesis 4:26) to the apostle John's petition to Jesus: "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus" (Revelation 22:20b), prayers to God appear everywhere in the Bible. In Nurturing Your Faith: Prayer, users will gain an historical appreciation of these four prayer types as they appear in Scripture and see how God worked through them on behalf of His people.

Each of the four sessions opens with a brief introduction to the type of prayer under examination and how it factors into our faith life. Concluding remarks shine light on how God works through our prayers and how our lives are edified by daily communicating with God in prayer. Each session's sections (the Old Testament, the life of Jesus, and the early church) feature reflection questions designed to increase users' understanding and application of prayer in their own lives.

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