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Nurturing Your Faith - Part 1: Prayers of Intercession

By: Don Everts
Nurturing Your Faith is a Bible study from Lutheran Hour Ministries. The prayer of intercession is the focus of session one in this four-part series. Related studies on prayers of gratitude, confession, and praise will be released in the months ahead.

Intercessory prayer is the first type of prayer featured in Nurturing Your Faith. Prayers of thanksgiving, mercy, healing, praise, and peace are among the many we find in the Bible. In intercessory prayer the believer is concerned with the welfare of others -- that God would intercede or act on behalf of another person or persons. It's an intimate and heartfelt kind of prayer offered to God that He might give courage to the soldier, comfort to the widower, peace of mind to the distraught, renewal to the church, and so on.

Jesus' "High Priestly Prayer" in John 17 is a classic example of intercessory prayer. In it He gives believers a beautiful model of praying to the Heavenly Father on behalf of others, as He seeks their protection, encouragement, and the strengthening of their faith under adverse circumstances. It is our hope that this study will encourage your own prayers of intercession for others, asking that God would do great and mighty works in their lives.

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