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Regrets, Reality, Restoration

(Includes subtitles in English)The simple truth is life is full of regrets. Imprinted on our psyches, some resist all attempts at erasure. What do we do when the condemning memory of past offense(s) won't be silenced? Is there a way out beyond our backstory? Regrets, Reality, Restoration shows there is, by sharing the life stories of those who have found resolution and victory over the heartache of their pasts.

Who among us wouldn't like to redo or undo something from our past? A brief glance backwards is sometimes all the reminder we need to stop us in our tracks with the sobering realization that we, too, have been less than decent human beings. Was it dope? Was it booze? Was it pride and selfishness? Was it violence? We're all capable of producing mind-boggling disasters in our lives and the lives of others.

In Regrets, Reality, Restoration, you will hear heartfelt stories from people who have experienced regret in deep and profound ways. What took place previously in their lives --substance abuse, shunning God and family, a series of high-level career missteps, taking a life --weren't unpardonable sins to God. Self-forgiveness and moving forward, however, was another matter. Depending on your past, you may know exactly what this means.

See how, even in these individuals' most tormented moments, it was God's love in Christ Jesus that brought hope to despair and light to crack the darkness.

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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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