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Facing Disaster Like A Man

By: Rev. Kurt Klaus
(Includes subtitles in English & Spanish) - Disasters! Life's catastrophes come in many shapes and sizes, and their unwelcome intrusion leaves us reeling. Grief, profound uncertainty and -- not infrequently -- more questions than can reasonably be answered, rise from its wake. In this devastation, the heart is drawn to look for answers human reason cannot provide.

This three-lesson Bible study stresses the importance of relying on God in an age when the specter of disaster is an all-too-familiar occurrence.

In Facing Disaster Like A Man, Pastor Kurt Klaus considers the tragedies that strike our lives. Be they natural, unnatural, or self-inflicted, they turn our lives upside down and inside out. Whether their aftermath finds us in the rubble of our homes, businesses, or personal lives, there is a way out of the wreckage, and it begins and ends with God.

Conveying God's matchless love and grace when, by human standards, our disaster would leave us in ruin, Klaus reminds us that He is in control, even in the most desperate of circumstances. Opening Psalm 46:1 the Psalmist writes, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." This is the good news when all news seems bad; this is the single, unstoppable ray of light when darkness would overwhelm us. Though hope may seem an impossible dream, there is a way through the darkness.

Klaus reminds us that the God of the Old and New Testaments is a God who, by virtue of his omniscience and omnipotence, is in command. He will get us through every tight spot and every unforeseen difficulty -- no matter how hopeless, no matter how painful. The assault to our sanity may be a hurricane, a divorce, or a bankruptcy. Whatever the disaster is, facing it -- and overcoming it -- can be achieved by God's grace and the comfort He provides. Includes subtitles in English & Spanish

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