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Out of Nothing: The Word, Creation and Faith

By: Rev. Steve Misch
In this Bible study, Pastor Steve Misch considers theories of evolution, the plausibility of random chance, man's spiritual and physical nature, and how God's creation and salvation are intrinsically linked in the person of Jesus Christ.

As Creator of the universe, God's handiwork is everywhere. Out of Nothing: The Word, Creation and Faith is a Men's NetWork Bible study that tackles questions about random chance, the veracity of Scripture, and evolutionary presuppositions. It shows how God's creation and man's salvation are fundamentally centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ.

From the insects at our feet to the faintest star the human eye can see--Scripture declares God the maker of heaven and earth and ascribes all procreative powers to Him alone. That isn't to say, however, His highest creation--man--hasn't come up with some novel ideas of his own--theistic evolution, progressive creation, intelligent design, and the framework hypothesis--to name a few.

In this study, Pastor Steve Misch examines Scripture, considers the geologic record, and evaluates prevailing theories of evolution--from Darwin's earliest schema to contemporary scientific statements on the matter--to show how God's creation and justification through faith in Jesus Christ are intimately connected.

In five sessions, Misch lays out his argument that Scripture is valid when it assigns the origins of all created matter to God. While there will always be opinion contrary to this faith statement, Misch maintains the Word of God still stands, is true for all time, and is worthy to be believed.

Men's NetWork extends its appreciation to the Creation Museum for its contribution to the video portion of this Bible study. The museum is located at 2800 Bullittsburg Church Road, Petersburg, Kentucky, 41080.

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