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Death... Then What? - Discussion Guide
Discussion Guide to be used with the "Death... Then What?" Bible study.

Death... Then What? - Promo Video (2:29)

Session 1 - Facing the Great Unknown (8:05)
This session looks at how man has tried to deal with the uncertainties surrounding death, and deals with topics such as cryogenics, complete annihilation of body and soul at death, reincarnation. It also shows God's reason for death- and His answer in Jesus Christ.

Session 2 - Which Way Are You Heading? (10:35)
This session looks at what God has to say about what happens to our soul when our body dies. We immediately go to either heaven or hell based on faith in Jesus Christ or lack thereof.

Session 3 - Will We Ever Meet Again? (7:50)
This session looks at the fate of our loved ones who die. For those who die in faith there is peace and joy, and we can look forward to a blessed eternal reunion in heaven when we die.

Session 4 - Our Eternal Future (5:50)
This session looks at what the Bible shows about our resurrection body and our eternal future with Christ in the new heavens and the new earth.

Death... Then What? - Bulletin Insert
This is a bulletin insert that you can customize with your church information, time, etc. of your Bible study.

Death... Then What? - Customizable Poster
Use this customizable poster to advertise your Bible study. Include date, time and other helpful details.

Death... Then What? - Powerpoint Slide
PPT slide to be customized to promote the Bible study in your church.

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