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Challenge of Islam (Pt2): Defending the Christian Faith - Discussion Guide (477K)
Discussion Guide to be used with the "Challenge of Islam (Part Two): Defending the Christian Faith" Bible study

Islam (Pt2): Defending the Christian Faith - Promo Video (0:47) (7.07 MB)
Promotional Video (0:45)

Session 1 - Your Bible is Corrupt (14:20) (126.47 MB)

Session 2 - Would the Qur'an Appeal to a Corrupt Bible? (14:15) (125.86 MB)

Session 3 - God Has No Children (13:50) (121.82 MB)

Session 4 - There Are Not Three Gods (12:40) (112.52)

Session 5 - Jihad (15:05) (133.00 MB)

Session 6 - Subjugation (14:15) (126.16 MB)

Challenge of Islam (Pt2): Defending... - Customizable 11 x 17 poster (4.43 MG)
Customize this poster with your church informtation to promote your Bible study. Include dates, times, location, contact info, etc.

Challenge of Islam (Pt2): Defending... - Bulletin Insert (1.92 MG)
Bulletin Insert - Customize with your church information

Challenge of Islam (Pt2): Defending... - PowerPoint Slide (286K)
PowerPoint slide to promote the Bible study between services, etc.

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