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File Download Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Nothing appears to happen when I click on the button to download the videos. Why?

A: The download now button for the Bible Study videos and PDF files should automatically prompt you to choose Open or Save* upon clicking. Choose Save, then select a location to save the file to your computer. The video files are REALLY LARGE, and it may not look like anything is happening. Be patient–it is downloading!

*Depending on your browser, this option could read "Save As", "Save File As", or "Save Link As". (On a Mac, ctrl-click, and select "Save As...")

Why do the video files take so long to download?

A: Because they're really, really big, as they are filmed in high definition. If you have a slower internet connection (such as dial-up) and need the videos in the near future, click here to buy a DVD.

Q: Why the switch from MP4 to M4V? What is an M4V file?

A: We recently decided to switch from MP4 (mpeg-4) to M4V because of compatibility issues with 64-bit Windows Vista systems. Vista should play your M4V files without any problems, provided you have the right software (see What software do I need? below). In addition, M4V is iPod-ready, and will make it easier for users to download and share on iPods and other portable video/MP3 players.

MP4 and M4V files are very similar file types. If you were able to play the MP4 files, you shouldn't have to download any new software for the M4V files.

Q: What software do I need to watch the downloaded videos?

A: This answer varies based on your operating system.

Q: How do I know what operating system I'm running?

A: For PC users, visit your Control Panel and choose System. This will tell you the operating system and type you are running. If your computer uses Vista, please check for 32-bit vs. 64-bit for system type.

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