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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


March 28, 2021: Episode 88 | Speaking of Gotcha Covered

The message that sparked the conversation ... Got You Covered.

What’s it like when a friend “has your back“? Join us as we talk about Mark 15 and how the words “I’ve gotcha covered“ can make all the difference.


Discussion Questions

(1) When was a time you were grateful that someone had you covered (protecting you from your own mistake, misjudgment, shortcoming, vulnerability, or overreaction)? If you were to write a short story about this, what would the title be? Introduce yourself with your first name and share the title of your story. After everyone introduces themselves, tell us the short story.

(2) When would it bother you for someone to presume that they "have you covered"?

(3) When does "covering for someone" become a "cover up" (in a negative sense)?

(4) We've come to the high point of the Gospel according to Mark, though it doesn't appear to be so. Jesus, the hero, is crucified in public for everyone to see—stripped naked, tortured, openly shamed, and left to die alone. From one perspective, this was the punishment inflicted by the people in power, who are trying to "cover for" their constituents. The Jewish leaders are rooting out dangerous "false" teaching (Jesus is condemned for claiming to be God's Son, 14:64). The Romans are trying to prevent more uprisings and keep the peace. From another perspective, Jesus has said that his mission is to give his life as a "ransom/atonement"—a sacrifice to cover sins (Mark 10:45, 14:24). As you listen to Mark 15:1-39, what's a word or a phrase that "gets" you? After everyone shares their word, explain why that got you?

(5) Reflecting on this, what are you getting to know more deeply about Jesus?

(6) How is this good news for you?

(7) Coming away from this conversation, what do you want to say to people in your household, congregation, or neighborhood?

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