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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


January 24, 2021: Episode 79 | Speaking of Teachers

The message that sparked the conversation ... Why Jesus Told Parables.

What do you remember most about your favorite teacher? What about your least favorite? Join us in a conversation about effective teaching, life-long learning, and Mark chapter 4.


Discussion Questions

(1) Share the name of a memorable teacher from your past. What do you remember about this teacher?

(2) What makes a teacher memorable?

(3) What makes a teacher forgettable?

(4) In The Gospel of Mark, Jesus is called "Teacher" 12 times. For comparison, Mark refers to Jesus as "Lord" only 7 times and Jesus is never called "Savior" in Mark (that title comes in Luke, John, and the New Testament letters). Of course, Jesus IS both Lord and Savior, but he's also a teacher. In addition to the title "teacher," 16 times Mark tells us that Jesus was "teaching," e.g., from the boat, in the synagogue, on the walk to Jerusalem, and "day after day in the temple" (14:49). As you listen to this section of Jesus' teaching in Mark 4, what's a word or a phrase that stood out to you, intrigued you or raised questions for you, or otherwise got your attention?

(5) Reflecting on this, what are you getting to know more deeply about Jesus?

(6) How is this good news for you?

(7) Coming away from this conversation, what do you want to say to people in your household, congregation, or neighborhood?

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