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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


January 03, 2021: Episode 76 | Speaking of Over-the-Top

The message that sparked the conversation ... Too Much.

When was the last time you got more than you expected, better than normal, more than you needed? Join us in this new series on the Gospel of Mark as we discuss life experiences that are over-the-top. 


Discussion Questions

(1) Think of a time when you observed or were involved in a plan, program, or spontaneous event that was "over-the-top" when compared to normal custom or practice. If you were to tell a story about that, what would the title be? Would you tell us the story?

(2) How did people involved and/or the observers respond to this?

(3) What might motivate someone to break with convention and do something over-the-top?

(4) This week we're starting a series on The Gospel of Mark. People who read or listen to Mark's biography about Jesus often notice how he is over-the-top in his use of the word "immediately" (or as the King James Version translated it, "straightway!"). In this opening section of his book (Mark 1:1-2:12), he uses the word 13 times, and will use it 28 more times before the book's over. Breathless with excitement, Mark breaks with convention and uses the word 4x more than all other New Testament writers combined! As you listen, what's another word or phrase that gets you? Why did that get you?

(5) Reflecting on this, what are you getting to know more deeply about God and his Son Jesus?

(6) How is this good news for you?

(7) Coming away from this conversation, what do you want to say to people in your household, congregation, or neighborhood?

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