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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


November 22, 2020: Episode 70 | Speaking of the Long-View

The message that sparked the conversation ... Politics in Perspective.

Looking at the big picture has its advantages. Stretching yourself past the present moment to consider the potential future gives a clearer perspective...but what do you do when the future is hazy? Join us in a conversation about Daniel’s visions and taking the long view.

Discussion Questions

  1. Share an activity, relationship, or other area in your life in which you've found it helpful to take "the long view" (i.e., envisioning this activity or relationship stretched over years and decades rather than just hours and days)?

  2. When is it difficult for you to take "the long view"?

  3. What helps you hold the tension between "taking the long view" and "being in the moment"?

  4. We're continuing to listen to the OT Book of Daniel, and we've come to chapter 7, which is "the pivot around which the whole book turns." Daniel tells us about a vision he had near the end of his life, after living as a prisoner of war in Babylon for about 65 years. The vision pairs with King Nebuchadnezzar's vision from chapter 2, the one with the statue made of four metals that was crushed by a rock that became a mountain filling the whole earth. As you listen to Daniel's description of the vision, what's a word or a phrase that stays with you?
    After everyone shares, tell us why that word or phrase stuck with you?

  5. If you had time to read the rest of Daniel 7 (verses 15-27), what do you remember about the angel's explanation of what the vision means? What questions does this raise for you?
    Note: to learn more, watch these two videos about Daniel from the Bible Project:

    "Son of Man" -

    "Daniel Overview" -

  6. Consider how this connects to the "long view" given in the rest of the Bible.
    How is this good news for you?

  7. Reflecting on this, what do you want to say to people in your household, congregation, or neighborhood?

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