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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


September 13, 2020: Speaking of Messy Prayers

The message that sparked the conversation ... Fireplace Spirituality.

Which image describes your prayer life: a neat furnace or a messy fireplace? Join us in a conversation about household prayer, parables of the lost, and spiritually vibrant homes.

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe your household?

  2. When do you pray together in your house?

  3. Do you have a song about God that you sing in your house?

  4. Read Luke 15:1-10 aloud together as a household. What was a word or phrase that stays with you? Why did it stay with you?
    Read Acts 2:37-47. What gets your attention here?

  5. What do you get to know more deeply about Jesus and His Holy Spirit through this?

  6. How is this good news for you?

  7. What's one devotional activity you would like to do more consistently as a household?

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