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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


July 12, 2020: Speaking of Worry

The message that sparked the conversation ... Perfection Welcomes Failure.

What are you worried about? How do you control it...or does it control you? This week we’ll discuss how worry impacts our lives and what to do about it.

Discussion Questions

  1. Think of a worrisome time in your life. If you were to write a short story about that time, what would the title be? After everyone has shared their title, tell us the short story ...

  2. What's the difference between worry and responsible planning?

  3. Why is worry a common mental activity?

  4. From your own experience or observation, what is the effect of prolonged periods of worry?

  5. We've been listening to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, and in Matthew chapter 6:19-34, Jesus addresses worry. As you listen, pick a single word or phrase that interests or puzzles you, challenges, raises questions, or gets your attention. Why did that word/phrase "get" you?

  6. What do you get to know more deeply about Jesus through hearing this?

  7. How is this good news for you?

  8. Reflecting on this, what do you want to say to people in your household, church, or neighborhood?

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