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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


May 31, 2020: Episode 45 | Speaking of Pottery

The message that sparked the conversation ... Jesus Doesn't Babble.

Have you ever watched an artist at a pottery wheel? The clay seems to come alive in their hands and become something new: a vase, coffee mug, bowl, flower pot... Join in a discussion about the Holy Spirit and the diverse pieces of pottery He forms.

Discussion Questions

  1. What experience do you have with sculpting? Have you worked with clay, wood, sand, snow, or some other material? In a formal class or on your own? Tried it once and failed?

  2. What insights do you have from your sculpting experience? Do you still have something you sculpted (or fashioned by hand in some like manner)? Why have you kept it?

  3. Growing up, how did the people in your circles talk about the Holy Spirit's work in their life?

  4. When have you been confronted with different ways of speaking of the Holy Spirit's work? How did you react?

  5. A leader in the early church named Cyril of Jerusalem (A. D. 313-386) wrote,
    "one and the same rain comes down upon all the world, yet it becomes white in the lily, and red in the rose, and purple in violets ... yet is one in nature ...for the rain does not change itself ... So also the Holy Spirit, being one ... divides to each His grace, according as He will" (cf. 1 Cor. 12).
    How does this observation help you appreciate the Holy Spirit's work in other people?

  6. Jesus said his goal was to bring glory to God his Father (John 17:1-4). And, the Holy Spirit's goal is to bring glory to Jesus (John 16:14). Given the diverse workings and gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives, how does the goal unify our stories?

  7. How has the Holy Spirit been sculpting your life lately?

  8. What good news do people in your household or church or community need to hear from this?

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