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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


March 08, 2020: Episode 33 | Speaking of Instant Replays

The message that sparked the conversation ... Upon Further Review.

... With so much of life being digitally recorded we can go back and watch moments over and over. But what about those situations in our own life that we’d rather not see again? Join us as we discuss Exodus 4 and the instant replays looped in the theater of our minds.

Discussion Questions

  1. Are you a sports fan, and does your sport have instant replays? What's your opinion on this?

  2. Do you have a memory of a failure or an embarrassing moment you sometimes "instant replay" in your mind?

  3. How do you deal with old failures and shortcomings that come back to haunt you?

  4. In Exodus chapters 5-7, Moses is—as appearances go—failing in his mission to bring Israel out of Egypt. He is confronted again with his shortcomings—his old failures still haunting him. As you listen to these chapters, what is the place in the story that gets you (fascinates, intrigues, thrills, haunts, angers, gladdens, or otherwise stands out to you)?

  5. What do you get to know more deeply about the God and Father of Jesus through this?

  6. How is there good news in this for you?

  7. What do you want to say to people in your household, church, or neighborhood?

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