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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


February 02, 2020: Episode 28 | Speaking of Refining

The message that sparked the conversation ... Gold Without Glitter.

How is gold refined? What does it take to remove imperfections? Join us as we discuss the next installment in the dramatic life of Joseph and what it means to face a refining fire.

Discussion Questions

  1. What's one of your more "refined" tastes (i.e., some food, activity, or experience that you enjoy now but took some time to develop)?

  2. Consider the word "refine," (in a non-spiritual/non-religious sense). How is this word used in a variety of contexts (e.g., like we did for "tastes")? What makes something a "refinement"?

  3. In Genesis 42, we hear how Joseph arranged for his brothers to be "tested" (v. 15). In the Old Testament, the same word is used to evoke images of refining precious metals: "The crucible is for silver, and the furnace for gold, and the LORD tests hearts" (Prov 17:3). Or, "I will put [them] into the fire, and test them as gold is tested" (Zech 13:9). Listening to this testing/refinement of the brothers, what stands out to you or gets your attention?

  4. What do you get to know more deeply about the God and Father of Jesus through hearing this?

  5. In the Old Testament, three Hebrew words are used to describe God's refining activity:

    • "God tested (nasah) Abraham" (Gen 22:1, and the binding of Isaac)
    • "when God has tested (bahan) me, I shall come out as gold" (Job 23:10)
    • "the Word of the LORD tested/refined (saraf) Joseph [as a slave in Egypt]" (Psalm 105:19)

    All three are used in Ps 26:2, "Test me, O LORD, and try me, refine my heart and mind (kidneys/guts)"
    How do you feel about adopting this prayer as your own?

  6. How is there good news in this for you?

  7. Reflecting on this, what do you want to say to people in your household, church, or community?

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