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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


January 19, 2020: Episode 26 | Speaking of Forgotten

The message that sparked the conversation ... Unforgettable.

Your keys, your phone, your brother’s birthday...Is there something you always forget? Worse yet, has anyone ever forgotten you? Tune in as we discuss how it makes us feel to be forgotten and what we do to remember.

Discussion Questions

  1. Share a 1-to-3 word description of something you tend to forget... tell us more about that...

  2. What do you do to be less forgetful?

  3. When was a time when you were forgettable--i.e., someone you were counting on forgot you?

  4. The fear of being forgotten has a clinical name--athazagoraphobia. Why is this a thing?

  5. Genesis chapter 40 ends with Joseph--the main character of this section--being forgotten. And yet, we heard four times in the prior chapter that "the Lord was with him." Listening to this, what gets your attention (interests, frustrates, encourages, puzzles, or stands out to you)?

  6. What do you get to know more deeply about the God and Father of Jesus through this?

  7. How is this good news for you?

  8. What do people in your household, church, or community need to hear from this?

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