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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


November 03, 2019: Episode 15 | Speaking of Strangers

The message that sparked the conversation ... Stranger Danger.

Can you trust a stranger? Abraham did and found himself in the presence of God. This week we tackle the story of Sodom’s destruction and how a stranger can change lives.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is an activity that is strange to you?

  2. Would you share a memory of when you had a negative experience with a stranger?

  3. What about a positive experience with a stranger?

  4. What is the relationship between these common human customs?

    1. practice hospitality toward strangers;
    2. and, beware of strangers ...

  5. Genesis 18 deals with strangers. God shows up in the form of a stranger. Abraham pleads for strangers. Listening to this chapter, what stands out to you?

  6. Where do you see Jesus, God's Word-made-flesh, in this chapter?

  7. How is this good news?

  8. What do you want to share about this with people in your household, church, or community?

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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