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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


September 01, 2019: Episode 6 | Speaking of Artistry

The message that sparked the conversation ... Begin Again.

What do you like to make? Do you consider yourself an artist? In this week’s conversation we discuss the artistic drive and ways we reflect God’s creativity.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the characteristics of a "creative" person? What makes them creative, and not simply "spontaneous," "unconventional," or "energetic"?

  2. Tell us about a creative person you know well. What do they create (e.g., artifacts, events, experiences)?

  3. How do they "put themselves into" their creations?

  4. Or, how is their personality reflected in what they create?

  5. Genesis 1:1 - 2:3 is God's own account of what he did to create everything out of nothing. What stands out to you in this?

  6. What do you come to know about the God and Father of Jesus through this?

  7. How is this good news?

  8. What does your household, church, or community need to hear from this?

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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