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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS


August 30, 2019: Episode 4 | Speaking of Gardens

The message that sparked the conversation ... Cross in the Garden.

What kind of plants do you like to grow? The theme of gardens and gardeners runs throughout the Bible. We shared ways that our experience with nature has influenced our perspective of God.

Discussion Questions

  1. Share an experience that helped you more deeply appreciate the dirt, soil, or land.

  2. Genesis says humans are connected to other creatures by way of the earth. Where have you found delight in this bond with fellow creatures?

  3. For thousands of years, Christian artists depicting John 20:15 portray Jesus holding a shovel or some other gardening tool. What are they communicating?

  4. Why is the image of the risen "Jesus as gardener" important for his followers today?

  5. What do you know about Jesus from John 19:41 - 20:18.

  6. How is this good news?

  7. What do people in your household, church, or community need to hear from this?

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