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Our Volunteers

National Leadership Council and Regional Teams

  • Jim and Vickie Dankenbring

    Jim and Vickie Dankenbring

    SENT Co-Chairs

  • Gene and Claire Partlow

    Gene and Claire Partlow

    Co-Chairs, Atlantic Coast Regional Leadership Team

  • Jack and Lynn Kidwell

    Jack and Lynn Kidwell

    Co-Chairs, Great Lakes Regional Leadership Team

  • Lloyd and Ruth Probasco

    Lloyd and Ruth Probasco

    Co-Chairs, Heartland Regional Leadership Team

  • Doug and Sara Werth

    Doug and Sara Werth

    Co-Chairs, Lone Star Regional Leadership Team

  • Lee and Mary Louise Kucker

    Lee and Mary Louise Kucker

    Co-Chairs, Pacific Coast Regional Leadership Team

  • Larry and Linda Wilford

    Larry and Linda Wilford

    Co-Chairs, Upper Midwest Regional Leadership Team

  • Kermit and Karen Starnes

    Kermit and Karen Starnes

    Co-Chairs, Gateway Regional Leadership Team

  • Bob and Ruth Ann Rauscher

    Bob and Ruth Ann Rauscher


  • Fred and Jane Wittlinger

    Fred and Jane Wittlinger


  • Rev. Ingo and Daria Dutzmann

    Rev. Ingo and Daria Dutzmann


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