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Promote the SENT Initiative

Help us Promote the SENT Initiative

The SENT Initiative is Lutheran Hour Ministries' five-year global initiative to proclaim the Gospel. We need your support in sharing information about SENT through your personal and online networks.

Christ's Great Commission still stands. God calls us to be on constant mission for the Savior.

Please use the links below to promote SENT and share with boldness our Kingdom work with all that you know.

SENT Priority Display Boards / Posters

These displays can be printed on a color printer and mounted on foam core or poster board, laminated, or simply tacked onto your board for use in exhibit areas to promote Lutheran Hour Ministries. They are formatted to print up to 18x24", but can be printed as smaller sizes to fit your needs.

Sharable Graphics



Other Ways You Can Support and Promote SENT and LHM

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