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SENT Priorities: Media

SENT Priority: Grow God’s Kingdom through Expanded Media Outreach

With the rise of smartphones, tablets, and internet-connected media devices, Americans spend more time in the digital realm. This trend also impacts how Americans consume media. With the growing expansion of high-speed internet access, researchers predict that viewing media that is available whenever and wherever we desire will become the norm.

The growth of on-demand content among Baby Boomers and younger generations has created an opportunity for LHM to offer a variety of quality podcasts for a new generation of listeners. In the spring of 2018, Lutheran Hour Ministries embarked on a new venture—a podcast network. The network will offer podcasts designed to target both current LHM supporters as well as a new audience of Christians.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is leveraging the experience gained by producing an icon of American broadcast history— The Lutheran Hour®—to boldly step into the future. While The Lutheran Hour® continues to be a powerful tool for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ as a core program of Lutheran Hour Ministries, it will now be joined by additional programs that can be streamed on-demand.

A stable source of future funding will enhance our ability to continue moving in these new directions. Establishing an endowment fund for mass media will support The Lutheran Hour while providing ongoing funding for new media initiatives.


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