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SENT Priorities: Global

SENT Priority: Bring the Gospel to the Unreached Around the World

More than three billion people have little or no opportunity to hear the Gospel. LHM has ministry centers in many areas of the world where these people groups are concentrated. Capitalizing on this advantage, we are intensifying efforts in many countries that are unreached by the Gospel. Radio and online media are effective communication platforms in these areas. As we expand, LHM is dramatically increasing its use of these tools, as well as personal and holistic ministries, to reach many more people with the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ. Close to 90% of mission work by North Americans is done among people who already have access to the Good News of Jesus Christ. LHM takes a different path—working in areas where the Gospel is not widespread by focusing on three key emphases:

  1. Unreached people who have little or no possibility of hearing the Gospel.

  2. Urban areas, which house large concentrations of unreached people.

  3. The emerging global youth culture, which is identified as another unreached people group.

LHM’s international ministry centers employ local Christians who know the language, understand the culture, and know best how to communicate the Gospel in their context.


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