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SENT Celebration Event Highlights

Together, We Are SENT!

Tens of thousands of individuals throughout North America have been blessed by the Lord through The Lutheran Hour radio program since it first aired in 1930. Yet, when you talk to many of them, they are surprised to hear that Lutheran Hour Ministries’ (LHM) work is much broader in scope—and that the Lord is using all aspects of that wider scope to bring people to faith. You might say the full span of LHM’s work resembles a best-kept secret.

That secret ended Aug. 4 at the LHM Celebration Event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with more than 300 supporters in attendance. Following a full day of updates from staff, volunteers, and individuals who have been mightily affected through the ministry work, LHM hosted a gala celebration in the evening to unveil SENT, a global initiative to proclaim the Gospel.

Read more about this event in the article below, or catch up on even highlights through event photos and videos.

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