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SENT Priorities: Digital

SENT Priority: Engage Communities in the Digital Mission Field

Facebook. YouTube. Instagram. Twitter. Taken together, the billions of users on these sites would comprise the largest nation on earth. In spite of being so “connected,” a recent study from the University of Michigan shows people are actually lonelier than ever. LHM is uniquely called to fill this void.

LHM conducted research to develop and test optimal web and mobile platforms for reaching targeted audiences with the Gospel. Building on this research, LHM launched THRED, a network of online content that ignites conversations with non-churched people on digital platforms to create connections that lead to community.

This online dynamic allows for two-way conversations where individuals can discuss issues that affect people’s lives.

LHM has created follow-up tools that allow individuals and congregations to stimulate conversations with the unreached. Ultimately this facilitates more opportunities for connections into Christian communities.

Our strategy takes place in three phases:

  1. Initial Contact: Programs and initiatives that allow for a first contact.

  2. Relationship Building: Platforms that provide discussion and learning opportunities.

  3. Real-Time Personal Connections: Connecting individuals to Christian communities where their relationships with Christ and the church will deepen.


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