ROC-Winnipeg Workshops

Below you will find a list of workshops for this Regional Outreach Conference. You do not need to preregister for workshops. Click on presenter's name to read his or her full bio.

Session 1

Stephen Klinck

MU 202 - The Outreach Congregation: Urban/Suburban
Speaker: Stephen Klinck
Managing Director
Lutheran Laymen's League Canada

Description: The hectic pace of urban and suburban life creates witnessing challenges. This course is designed to assist pastor and congregation, as they mobilize to proactively share the Gospel in these communities. Strategies and insights will be given on initiating and cultivating relationships in urban contexts and how to overcome stumbling blocks when sharing Christ in these settings.

Mathew Block

Pop-Culture Today: What's God got to do with it?
Speaker: Mathew Block
Communications Manager of Lutheran Church-Canada,
Editor of The Canadian Lutheran magazine

Description: Christians in North America are inundated with Hollywood movies, internet videos, best-selling books, and countless new songs. Wherever we go, pop-culture is there. It's on the radio in our cars. It's on our televisions at home and on our computers. It's on the smartphones we're carrying in our pockets. As Christians, we're called to think critically about the culture we're immersed in. So what's God got to do with pop-culture? Come and find out-and in the process find out how pop-culture can be a tool for sharing your faith with others.

Rev. Dr. Glenn Schaeffer

Growing Your Outreach Efforts Even When Your Community Shrinks
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Glenn Schaeffer
Executive Assistant-Outreach
Alberta-British Columbia District of the Lutheran Church-Canada

Description: Today many people live in shrinking cities, towns and suburban communities. Similarly, many congregations are declining numerically. Applying concepts from William Bridges' best-selling book, Managing Transitions, the presenter will discuss how God's people can respond to community shrinkage and actually grow their outreach efforts.

Polly Gregali

Building a Globally Mission Minded Community
Speaker: Polly Gregali
Manager, International Ministries Partnerships
Lutheran Hour Ministries

Description: With two-thirds of the world's population not Christian, mission opportunities abound. When individuals and congregations develop international partnerships, global missions breathe life into the congregation and world-wide ministry. Learn about global mission trends and how they impact the sharing of the Gospel at home and abroad. Hear extraordinary stories of how a congregation in the United States, partnering with one of the LHM International Ministry Centers in more than 30 countries, and how their global mission mindset has blessed their partners and their own church.

Rev. Leonardo Neitzel

Bridging Cultural Differences to Share the Gospel
Speaker: Rev. Leonardo Neitzel
Assistant to the President for Missions and Social Ministry Services, Lutheran Church-Canada
Description: For participants this is an interactive workshop examining the challenges and opportunities faced in confessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing the faith in a diverse cultural and ethnical environment. Rev. Neitzel will focus on the Christ-centered biblical-theological foundation of cross-cultural mission adding his personal experience as a missionary for many years. Participants will be blessed and encouraged with practical

Rev. Larry Gajdos

Sharing the Faith in Everyday Activities ... or ... Be Ready for the Question, "Why?"
Speaker: Rev. Larry Gajdos
Mission Executive
Lutheran Church-Canada, East District

Description: Workshop attendees will discover new ways to shine the light of Christ, wherever they find themselves. They will discover how they are uniquely positioned in the world to do the work God would have them do, in any and all circumstances. The apostle Paul said it best: "We are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which He prepared in advance for us to do" (Ephesians 2:10). This workshop will offer encouragement and insight to participants, so they can always be ready to answer the question, "Why?" and give the reason for the hope they have inside.

Richard P. Cohrs

Manly Tools for Faith Sharing
Speaker: Richard P. Cohrs

Description: We have been taught that we should always use the right tool for the job. This sectional will provide you with specialized tools that you can use to share your faith. Tools such as "digital media", "everyday situations", "group activities", and others will be demonstrated. Sharing your faith is much easier when you have the right tools.

Session 2

Stephen Klinck

MU 301 - "Christ Alone" in a Coexist World
Speaker: Stephen Klinck
Managing Director
Lutheran Laymen's League Canada

Description: This snapshot from MISSION U will examine the culture that defines present-day America. Participants will learn ways to bridge the gap between Christians and post-modern society by utilizing points of connection to share the Gospel with relevance.

Rev. Dr. Mark Larson

MU 203 - Sharing the Gospel in a Digital Age
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Mark Larson
Director of United States Ministries
Lutheran Hour Ministries

Description: Designed for the beginner and the expert alike, students will have opportunities to explore the technology of today's Social Media programming and explore how it offers opportunities to develop relationships and to share the Gospel that were previously impossible.

Rev. Mark Dressler

Connecting with Your Community
Speaker: Rev. Mark Dressler
Central District Theological Lay School

Description: Churches tend to be an island unto themselves. Are there ways your congregation can better connect to its surrounding community? This session will explain some creative ways that various Lutheran churches have formed ties within their communities. Time will also be given for those who are attending the session to share any ideas have worked in their parishes.

Rev. Peter Kirby

A Holistic Approach to Global Outreach
Speaker: Rev. Peter Kirby
Regional Director for Europe and the Caribbean
Lutheran Hour Ministries

Description: Jesus' approach to ministry was holistic because He cared for people in both body and soul. He not only preached about God's love, He demonstrated it by healing, feeding and caring for people's needs in this life. This workshop considers the relationship between proclaiming God's love and demonstrating it-and how that can be carried out in today's world.

Harold Melser

Funding Success! Strategies for Gaining $ Support for Mission
Speaker: Harold Melser
Director of Ministry Advancement
Lutheran Hour Ministries

Description: This workshop focuses on equipping organizations and congregations to develop winning, creative strategies for linking God's people with His mission through their gifts. Participants will learn methods of planning income producing approaches designed to meet the income and financial security needs of donors. Examples of successful strategies developed at LHM will be presented.

Helga Danielson

Sharing Hope from Woman to Woman
Speaker: Helga Danielson
Child of God, Wife, Mother, Mother-in-Law, and Registered Nurse
Dunnville, Ontario

Description: God gives women unique opportunities to share their faith. When the opportunity arrives to talk about Jesus, are you tongue-tied? Do you stutter? Does your mind go blank, or do you say the wrong thing? When the opportunity is gone, do you feel like a witnessing failure, yet again? If any of this sounds familiar, this session is for you! We will look at simple ways women can share their faith in everyday life situations-with words and actions. The only prerequisite for attending this workshop is a strong desire to follow Matthew 28:19-20.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee

Immersed in the Word: a Crisis Turns to Blessing
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee
Lutheran Church-Canada

Description: We say positive things about the Bible's inspiration, authority, etc., yet countless Christians are strangers to the Word. God heals shortcomings in stewardship, outreach and conflicts among believers through immersion in Scripture. This workshop invites you to a life rooted in the Word, as the Lord transforms weakness into blessing.