What exactly is a ROC?

Regional Outreach Conferences (ROC) from Lutheran Hour Ministries encourage and equip God's people to be mission-minded witnesses for Jesus Christ! ROCs are designed to empower you to live every day in the joy of the Gospel. These lively conferences feature leading speakers on ministry, instructive break-out sessions, takeaway resources to use at home, and inspiring worship-all designed to empower attendees to share their faith in word and deed.

Since 2011, thousands of people across North America have been encouraged and fueled to share the Gospel-and by God's grace, lives have changed! The 2015 ROC series will build on this momentum and provide even more unique training methods, feature experts in the field of outreach and take Gospel-sharing technology to the next level! Curiosity peaked? Program information rolls out this summer so stay tuned!

Conference highlights include:

  • keynote presentations from well-known speakers
  • interactive multi-media sessions
  • breakout sessions on hard-hitting topics to reach our communities with the Gospel;
  • small- and large-group discussions on pertinent outreach subjects;
  • on-site advice from outreach consultants and technology experts to enhance your personal, congregational and online witnessing skills.

Want to know more? Watch some clips below!