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Video Based Bilble Studies

Video-Based Bible Studies and Resources

More than 30 video-based Bible studies tackle relevant issues from a biblical perspective and are perfect for large or small group study. Each multi-session study is supported with a discussion guide and additional resource links. Some titles are also available with Spanish subtitles.

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LHM Learn

The Hopeful Neighborhood Project

For those interested in engaging their own neighborhoods in hopeful action, the place to start is On the website you will find videos explaining the program and how to get started. If you want to explore how this might look in your neighborhood, then The Hopeful Neighborhood Field Guide is a good first step.

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Thred is a digital project of Lutheran Hour Ministries where we invite all to join in conversations about life, faith, and Jesus. Seek and find videos, articles, and blogs about today’s trending topics that can be applied to your walk with Jesus.

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Project Connect

Project Connect

Project Connect is a topical booklet ministry of Lutheran Hour Ministries. Our Project Connect booklets address a wide variety of topics, offering booklets that connect God's Word to real-life issues. PDF versions of our booklets are available in our virtual library and on our new mobile app. Some booklets are even available in audio formats!

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