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Organization & Ministry Information Sheets

Organization & Ministry Information Sheets

Use these 8½ x 11" handouts to briefly explain LHM's key ministries to your congregation or group.

Lutheran Hour Ministries & Programs

LHM Corporate Overview (PDF)

LHM By the Numbers (2-up PDF)

International Ministries (PDF)

LHM Resources (PDF)

The Lutheran Hour (PDF)

Global Ministries Programs

Global Ministries Fact Sheets Use these 8½ x 11" fact sheets to briefly explain LHM's Global programs to your congregation or group.

Global Ministries: Project Joel
Download PDF

Global Ministries: Performing Arts
Download PDF

Global Ministries: Media
Download PDF

Global Ministries: Holistic Ministry
Download PDF

Global Ministries: ETS
Download PDF

Global Ministries: Bible Correspondence Courses
Download PDF

If you have questions, please contact Corporate Communications for more information.

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