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There are many people in your community who haven't crossed the doorstep of a church in years; in fact, some may have never been to church. Still, that doesn't mean they won't be receptive to the Gospel. Sharing God's Good News in Jesus doesn't need to be an awkward or anxiety-filled encounter. Making one-on-one contact with others is a privilege but, as we all know, that doesn't make it easy.

Outreach is a great opportunity to touch people in your area. Below, you will find suggestions on how and where to share Project Connect booklets in your community. Following the booklet and topic list, I've put down some possible outreach ideas your church can do. From the extrovert to the introvert, everyone can participate! LHM is dedicated to equipping your congregation with valuable resources that make outreach less stressful for the doer and of the no-guilt variety for the receiver.

Download Project Connect Tips (PDF)


Purchase a PC Junior (the small, tabletop, four-booklet display) and load it with titles that are most appropriate for your target audience. These easy-to-read booklets resonate with readers and help meet the needs of those struggling with demanding life issues they are experiencing.

On the back of these booklets you can easily affix a label that gives church information, service times, etc. I have found if an individual's name (i.e. the person handing out the booklet) is added with an e-mail address, it is more personal and less threatening than calling the church office.

Beyond these business or service venues, there are public locations where Project Connect booklets can be placed as a quick, takeaway resource. These include street festivals, food pantries, blood drives, voting polls, church rummage sales, etc. I'm sure you have a few places you can think of too.

Here are some suggestions for business placement of displays, along with booklet titles you can offer:


As Jesus has given us the example to share the love of His Father, we too can follow God's lead!

Street Teams

If your church has an outreach team (or would be interested in putting one together), these suggestions can be accomplished with teams of two to ten people, depending on the area to be covered. Always remember it's important not to overwhelm the person(s) you are connecting with, so a one-on-one encounter moment-with no strings attached-is often the most natural kind of approach.

Keep in mind these initial face-to-face encounters aren't really meant to result in long, drawn-out conversations; instead, they should be viewed as an easy-going, low stress, chance to establish rapport, where a positive connection can be made, and the person feels encouraged to find out more.

Below are a handful of outreach ideas, along with the resources you will need, and a thought or two on how a conversation might unfold during your event. Regardless of age everyone is capable of doing outreach! Adults, teens, youth-even the very young-can all make a difference in the lives of others!

Looking for more outreach ideas?
Download the printable version of Strategies for Sharing!

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