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Looking for creative ways to promote "Project Connect"? Utilize our Project Connect Tips and place them in your bulletins, newsletters or congregational Web site. Please share your stories and ideas with us - we want to hear from you.

When should you reorder? What booklets were the most popular? Keep tabs on your booklet usage with our tracking sheet. And when it's time to reorder, our downloadable order form and booklet list make the ordering process easy. As always, we're here to be your partner and resource as you connect to your community.

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Questions and Answers

Q. What is Project Connect?

A. Project Connect is a booklet ministry sponsored by Lutheran Hour Ministries. Your church can purchase a display and order booklets to be made available in your church or anywhere in your neighborhood.

Q. What displays are available?

A. We offer two different displays. The Project Connect Display is a free-standing, 3-tier, rotating, 24 pocket display which is 23" in diameter (base) x 63" high.

The PC Junior is a compact, easy-to-use display that is perfect for countertops or tables in medical offices, repair shops, police stations, counseling centers, funeral homes or anywhere you want to share these booklets within your community. The PC Junior is 4"w X 10"h X 6"d and features four pocket sections which hold up to eight booklets each.

Q. I was visiting a congregation and I saw a display with booklets from Lutheran Hour Ministries, how can we get one for my church?

A. Simply fill in the online order form and mail or fax it to us at: 314-317-4292 or you may call us at: 1-800-944-3450 and ask for ext. 4210.

The cost for the large display includes a start up kit with the following:

  • Display with sign

  • Initial supply of 10 each of 23 titles (230 total booklets)

  • Offering envelopes

  • Promotional packet

  • Quarterly newsletter

  • Free samples of all new booklets as they become available.

Q. Can I get more information about the actual displays such as sizes and pricing?

A. Sure, simply click on this link and it will take you to a page where you can get information on either of our displays.

Q. How do I get additional booklets?

A. You may order additional booklets from Lutheran Hour Ministries. Included with your welcome letter you will receive an order form that lists all of the booklets and their prices. You will also receive a form with your quarterly newsletter. Or you can print the form directly from our Website.

What do additional books cost?

The costs are clearly marked on the order forms. Please remember to add shipping and handling.

How do I find out about new booklets?

You will receive a quarterly newsletter that will feature the new booklets that we have available. You can also check out our Website where our books will be update as they become available.

Do you have any ideas for funding this project?

Offering envelopes are included in your welcome kit and are provided free of charge. You could also do a Project Connect Sunday where you take a plate collection or a specific group within the church may want to sponsor this ministry.

Is there a place to put our church information?

Yes, on the back of the booklets there is space for your church information. Following is a sample of what one church as done:

"It is our prayer that the thoughts in this booklet will be very helpful to you. We invite you to look to Jesus Christ for the greatest help of all. 'I have come that (they) may have life to the full'. (John 10:10) To find out more about Jesus' SAVING HELP and the "Full life" that He offers, please contact: church name, city, state, zip, phone number with area code and worship information."

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