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'Project Connect' Displays

As a topical booklet ministry, Project Connect from Lutheran Hour Ministries is an excellent evangelism resource. It gives congregations and individuals an outreach program that works and is easy to maintain.

When you register for a Project Connect start-up kit, you will receive everything needed to launch your outreach booklet ministry for one-time cost (including shipping)*, you will get the following:

  • A standing, 24-pocket display with a 23" diameter base x 62" total height
  • "Please Take One" sign
  • Initial supply of 230 pre-selected booklets (10 copies each of 23 most popular titles. (See current list in our newsletter.)
  • 20 offering envelopes (self-supporting program)
  • 45 "Out of Stock" Cards
  • Promotional packet (PC Manual, newsletter copy, and order form)
  • Quarterly e-newsletters
  • Free PDF download of new booklets added to the program
*$250 – PEE01
*$200 – PEE07

Note: Your Project Connect display requires assembly. The manufacturer will send a partially assembled rotor, which includes rotor, pockets and tape. There have been some heat-reaction issues associated with the shipping of this product to areas of the United States with higher temperatures. To remedy this the manufacturer will send (24) 3" pieces of tape included to adhere the acrylic pockets to the metal rotor. The tape is included, but it is not attached to the acrylic pocket. The original display style does not use tape, but it is included only if it needs a type of adhesive to adhere to the metal rotor.

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Looking for a smaller display? Check out PC Junior!

Suggested locations

Be sure to give your booklet ministry greater depth and variety by regularly visiting the Project Connect newsletter. Ordering booklets is easy and making them available to your church members is another way you can strengthen the body of Christ in your community.

Project Connect is an effective and affordable way to reach out to the community with the living message of God's eternal love for us. Each Christ-centered booklet covers real-life issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, finances, forgiveness and family communications.

To get these Christ-centered booklets into your community, just call our Response Center 1-800-876-9880 to place your order. We are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST)

To make your booklet ministry a success, announce new Project Connect booklets in your church bulletin, newsletter or website. Be sure to utilize our tips for outreach and promotional material, which includes banners to place on your website. You can also keep tabs on your booklet usage with our Tracking Sheet. Get the complete, updated booklet list here.

If you share a story in an upcoming newsletter about the impact your Project Connect booklet ministry is making in your community, you'll receive a FREE PC Junior for any published story! Contact us at, whenever you have a question.

Frequently asked questions

To place online orders, go to Project Connect Express Order Form.

For call-in orders, we can place the order for you with your credit card information or wait for your check to arrive to ship your order.

For mail-in orders, print and use the Booklet List to order products. Include your contact information where indicated. Provide the item quantity in the appropriate boxes for each item ordered. Multiply quantity by the price to arrive at the total. Send your detailed order with your check payable to Lutheran Hour Ministries, 660 Mason Ridge Center Dr., St. Louis, MO 63141-8557.

ALL the booklets Project Connect offers can be freely downloaded as a FREE PDF, and many are available in Spanish.

For more information, just give us a call: 1-800-944-3450, ext. 4210.

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