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LHM Podcasts

What is a podcast?

Podcasts, also known as RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") feeds, are a new method for distributing audio, video, and text files in a convenient fashion. Rather than regularly visiting a Web site to download new files, podcast software is used to schedule these visits, identify any new files that are available, and automatically download them to a computer.

The only requirements are a computer, a podcast software application, and an Internet connection. Although the term podcast is related to Apple's iPod device, an iPod (or any other digital music player) is not required to receive a podcast file.

How do I obtain podcast software?

Podcast software, also known as an RSS reader, is needed to access and hear podcasts. Many of these applications are available free of charge (such as FeedReader, or iTunes). A variety of podcast software types and features are available, so select the software that best suits your needs. LHM does not endorse a particular podcast software application.

To download and install the free FeedReader software, click here.

How do I subscribe to an LHM podcast?

To subscribe to LHM podcasts, go to LHM's podcast subscription page, right-click the desired podcast subscription RSS feed link, and copy the shortcut. Follow your podcast software's instructions for creating the subscription.

Next, follow the podcast software's instructions for scheduling the frequency at which it will check for new files.

To transfer podcast files to an iPod or other digital music player, follow instructions from your podcast software and / or player manufacturer.

For a step-by-step description of subscribing to The Lutheran Hour podcasts, click here and refer to the Subscribing to an LHM Podcast Through FeedReader section.

What are the terms of use for LHM podcasts?

LHM offers its podcast subscriptions free of charge for non-commercial use, except where LHM has provided direct permission otherwise. LHM reserves the right to change its podcast files at any time or cease offering podcasts entirely. LHM reserves the right to require individuals to cease their use of any or all of its podcasts for any reason and at any time. LHM does not offer a warranty for its files or for any podcast software and is not liable for the use of these.

Please note that subscribing and unsubscribing to podcasts lie solely in the hands of the individual recipient. As a result, LHM is unable to control your subscription. Questions regarding technical difficulties and how to subscribe / unsubscribe should be directed to your podcast software provider.

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