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A variety of tools, tips, and ideas for outreach.


This video-based course covers Christian doctrine in 12 topics. Each topic begins with a short video and is supported with a downloadable discussion guide and PowerPoint presentation. It can be used for individual witness, membership classes or small group Bible studies. It is available at, and in Spanish at


Five14 offers evangelism training for youth through various events. Check it out at

Para el Camino (Spanish language resources)

Go to to find various resources in Spanish for your outreach needs including daily and seasonal devotions, booklets, downloadable materials and archived media.

Congregational Prayer Kit

"Be still and know that I am God ..." Psalm 46

God promises to hear and answer our prayers, what a comfort this is to each of us as His children. The following links provide you and your church prayer resources for Sunday worship, individual prayer, and prayer groups that may be organized at the local church.

Seven Days of Prayer is intended for individuals to use in their prayer life focusing on their witness to the others and on those who they need to pray for.

Prayer Bookmarks offer prayers with space on the back for those who you are praying for. This bookmark could be placed in your Bible for a daily reminder to share your faith and specific people whom you are praying for.

Sunday Congregational Prayers may be used in the worship service of your congregation as a petition and may be printed in the service or shown on a worship screen.

Barna Study

This Barna Study (PDF) was commissioned by Lutheran Hour Ministries to discover the key attitudes and practices in congregations of the Florida-Georgia District who have been effective in outreach.

Outreach Initiative Newsletter

Read past copies of the Outreach Initiative Newsletter

Preaching Helps

Below are preaching helps, written by Rev. Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of the Lutheran Hour. While written for the assigned reading for the dates indicated, they remain a resource for adding evangelistic flavor to your sermons.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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