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Online Mission Trips


Thanks for participating in the 2017 Online Mission Trip to Madagascar!

Lutheran Hour Ministries' Online Mission Trips (OMT) simulate an LHM International Volunteer Trip for kids in North America. This year students will go to Madagascar where they can experience life through the eyes of children that are connected to Jesus via the LHM ministry center in Madagascar. They will also learn about the country and culture and gain unique perspective on the world beyond the walls of their classroom.

The OMT program consists of five 20-minute pre-recorded videos - one for each day Monday through Friday - that will engage the senses and pique curiosity while the students gain insight into ministry in a different part of the world. We will also provide links to dig deeper into the geography, culture and customs of the country.

Click here to watch OMT Madagascar!

We are so excited to engage with students and help them witness first-hand the important role of global mission and ministry. May God bless you, your faculty, your students and their families as you are agents for "Bringing Christ to the Nations - and the Nations to the Church."

Engage your class in ministry through chapel offerings and classroom collections to support the important work LHM is doing around the world. The donations collected during the OMT are designated specifically to the country visited and will be used to further ministry in that location.

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