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Gospel Adventures

Online Mission Trips is now Gospel Adventures!

Online Mission Trip Becomes Gospel Adventures Beginning in 2019

Travel the globe and explore the Gospel at work in other countries! Those familiar with the Online Mission Trips (OMT) previously offered through Lutheran Hour Ministries is now Gospel Adventures! This program remains focused on providing students with an inside look at the ministry and Gospel outreach happening in each country with fun glimpses into the culture of that region. The program kicked off its new format with Gospel Adventures: Passport to Peru! in 2019.

Created in partnership with Group Publishing, a trusted leader in innovative children’s ministry resources, the updated curriculum will engage students with educational objectives and interactive resources geared towards expanding their perceptions of global ministry.

“Our objective for this new curriculum is to help students understand the value of differing cultures and how the Gospel is at work around the globe,” says Ashley Bayless, LHM’s Curriculum Development Manager.

Gospel Adventures is available for free to Christian schools across the U.S., including home school families. Educators and parents who experienced previous online mission trips will discover expanded materials for classroom use, in addition to an online multimedia experience.

Visit the dedicated Gospel Adventures web page at to learn more about the program and to register for the next adventure! To learn more about Group Publishing, visit >>

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