Lighting the Way for the Next Generation: Stories of Hope

Lutheran Hour Ministries partners with parents, families and congregations to reach kids, grandkids and youth in communities just like yours. Our mission is to help tell them about Jesus and give them the tools to live their life in the light of Jesus Christ.

We cannot afford to give up ground in the fight for our children's, and our nation's, future. With Jesus Christ as our hope, we can make a difference for the next generation!

Read on to see how God is blessing us in this mission ...

Deserted and left to care for a young baby alone , Vanessa had no money, no hope, and nowhere left to go. So she turned to Lutheran Hour Ministries after she met one of the staff members while begging in downtown Yaoundé, in Cameroon.


Can you imagine being 13 years old, living in extreme poverty and trying to raise three younger siblings on your own? Nine years ago, this was the reality for Nelson Araúz.

Nelson didn't think of a future, he didn't even know how to deal with his reality. "I was 13, and it was too much for me" says Nelson.


A motto of Lutheran Hour Ministries is to be Your Partner in HIS Mission. This means that God positions Lutheran Hour Ministries to provide Christians with resources and support which they can use to reach others in His name.

This becomes even more true when reaching the next generation, Lutheran Hour Ministries is often called to work with and through parents and caregivers.


In her short years, Annie has come full-circle in her life and her walk with Christ. As a young teen, she turned her back on God and then was brought back by his grace and intervention. Now she lives with passion for her Lord and serves as a volunteer for Lutheran Hour Ministries' five14 program. She is living proof of how God works with all members of the next generation, no matter where they are in their lives.


Lutheran Hour Ministries is blessed to partner with Christians and congregations to reach people around the world with the Gospel message.

We are also blessed to be able to take this message into the public sphere every day through ministry outreach programs and person-to-person contacts. These programs can reach hundreds or thousands all at once or make an impact in one person's life at a time.