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Despite persecution by the Communist government, Christianity is on the rise in China - including among children. But the Gospel reaches them one heart at a time. In China, materials teaching children about the Savior are needed desperately.

The Angel with Big Feet is a children's story about the life of Jesus - as seen through the eyes of Agnes, an angel whose feet prevent her from flying! Originally published in the United States, LHM has translated the book into Chinese.

Upon approval from China's central government, LHM will produce the book through the Ai Ji press, our printing partner in China. Working in partnership with the Chinese Christian Council, The Angel with Big Feet will be made available to churches, bookstores, and local evangelists, who will deliver the book into the hands of young souls.

The cost is only $1 USD per book. Supporters of Lutheran Hour Ministries generously gave to allow thousands of these book to be printed so kids could hear about the Savior who loves them! LHM gives thanks for what God is doing in China. The financial support of friends like you make this outreach possible.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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